The characters of NOLA Pixie Dust are always excited to explore new adventures and create memories with new friends.   The magic is in the details!  For costume selection, we research and select custom-made costumes and handcrafted wigs to ensure the top quality experience you expect and deserve.  Performers are trained actors that can sing, act and dance with continued training to develop the best possible character interactions.

With over 30+ characters on our cast list, our cast is ever changing and expanding.  Don’t see who you are looking for?  Contact us to check availability of new character possibilities.

:: Arabian Princess & Prince :: Beauty Princess & Enchanted Prince :: Scottish Princess :: Fairest Princess :: Fancy Friend :: Glass Slipper Princess :: Island Princess :: Latina Princess :: Magical Fairy :: Marvelous Hero :: Mermaid Princess :: Pirate Captain :: Sleeping Princess :: Snow Princess :: Snow Queen :: Spider Hero :: Tinker Fairy :: Tower Princess :: Toy Cowboy & Cowgirl :: Green Toy Soldier :: Wicked Daughter :: Evil Daughter ::

 Actual performers vary upon character integrity & schedule availability.  You will be notified at the time of booking of your assigned performer.  In the event a change of performer is necessary, you will be contacted prior to event arrival.

It is not the intention of NOLA Pixie Dust to violate any copyright, trademark, or licensing laws. Our characters are generic and not name brand copyrighted characters. We only accept party bookings from our customers who are aware that we do not represent any licensed character. If the event that you are hosting requires a licensed copyrighted character, you should contact the company and/or copyright holder.