A Royal Debut

Upon assuming NOLA Pixie Dust, we knew we needed time to audition new characters, plan functions, and organize the wardrobe. It was a long two months as we impatiently awaited the debut of all we had in progress. Finally, it was March and it was time for the Royal Debut.

The Pint-Sized NOLA Easter Egg Hunt was our first official event. Things were looking grand, until we ran into a few snags that led to a few last minute character changes. Making lemonade with those lemons, we took some bad news and turned it into something positive. Instead of ::7:: princesses, now we had ::8:: characters to join the Easter Egg Hunt.

Event day arrives! The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the princesses were ready to great the guests. The children in attendance were overjoyed to meet the NOLA Pixie Dust Princesses. A few of our princesses even joined in on an impromptu sing-a-long performance to conclude such a magical celebration!

Next on the agenda was our preparations for the Irish Italian Parade. My husband and I knew upon taking on NOLA Pixie Dust it was our goal to bring more family, friendly entertainment to our community. What’s more New Orleans than making our parade debut?!?

It’s was finally March 18th and the princesses were ready to MARCH! With ::9:: NOLA Pixie Dust characters we paraded the streets of Metairie passing out flowers, Pixie Dust purple beads, & our special edition Pixie Dust magic color-changing cups!

Our Mermaid Princess, Brave Princess & Latina Princess had the pleasure of entertaining the crowd with live singing and acting while walking the route. It was truly an adventurous day for NOLA Pixie Dust!

The weather was on our side and with a few umbrellas… nothing could rain on our parade!

Last but not least for our grand Royal Debut, we also launched two new characters to the team in March! Our Daughters of Evil! 🍎🐍

In addition to all of the March launch events… it was finally time to announce our biggest project to date! The idea for a Princess for a Day 5K was born in January, and we couldn’t wait any longer to make the Royal announcement!

In honor of my little cousin that was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, we knew we wanted to have the race benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. On Saturday September 29, 2018, the Lasalle Park in Metairie will be filled with royalty! NOLA Pixie Dust Princesses will be along the route cheering on race participants before joining everyone for the magical after race celebration! The response has absolutely blown us away and we can’t wait to see everyone in their best princess race day attire! For more information, follow our Facebook event page HERE or visit princessforaday5k.com to REGISTER

Thank you to our amazing performers, family & friends for a wonderful month of Royal Debuts! We are loving the opportunity to grow NOLA Pixie Dust into a magical entertainment company for dreamers of all ages!

Sending faith, trust & NOLA Pixie Dust,


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