Rolling into 2019

With a grand debut, we’re celebrating the New Year and our Birthday in a BIG way! So BIG that our surprise arrived in a box BIGGER than us!

Now let’s back up a bit… back to 2010. When our daughter was 2 and long before NOLA Pixie Dust was a concept. You could say we would go a little “over-the-top” when it came to her Halloween wagons, costumes, and birthday parties. A chance to put our creativity to work was a challenge we would willingly accept. Anyone that knows us personally knows that we just LOVE to create, build, and put on a show! We were often told we should own our own party business, and while we loved the idea it just wasn’t our time. Little did we know 8 years ago, that our tiny homemade wagon carriage would one day turn into a much larger concept.

Fast forward back to two months ago, when a vision came to mind on how to transport our characters in local parades. It dawned on us that not only would the performers enjoy our idea, but if we could make it available for children it would make the most magical dreams come true!

The process started and the waiting process began. For two months, we’ve held this BIG secret that we were just bursting to tell everyone! We had planned its debut and it was going to be so grand to see it in action in its first parade. Heartbroken we learned that our plans would be put on hold.

Finally the day came for our BIG box to arrive! Excitedly we can finally debut the next chapter for NOLA Pixie Dust… well what are you waiting for, go ahead and watch!

Here it is… The NOLA Pixie Dust Party Carriage! Our very own custom made carriage for special events, birthdays, photo shoots, weddings and more. It was absolutely worth the wait and we can’t wait for you to see it in person at an upcoming event! Package information for rentals can be found under the Party Carriage page on our website.

Words can not express our gratitude for this past year. To our private birthday party families, we thank you for trusting us. To the Rose Garden & the Enchanted Rose Garden Ball guests, thank you for making our first royal ball so memorable. To my little cousin Piper, the donors & participants of our Princess for a Day 5k, you made a simple dream a reality and surpassed all expectations (get ready, the 2nd Annual is coming). To Luv2Play, thanks for having our back and believing in the magic! To our AMAZING performers, thank you for creating the magic, perfecting your role, and making our job so much fun! To our families & friends, we send all of our gratitude as we wouldn’t be where we are without your support. To Briana, we miss you and wish you were here but when you make it back to town we’re going cruising, Princess style!

Every event, every smile (both young and old) totally gratifies the reason we keep working so hard to bring you bigger and better. From our family to yours, HAPPY NEW YEAR! And a BIG Happy Birthday NOLA Pixie Dust!!

Let’s start the new year the best way we know how… with faith, trust & NOLA Pixie Dust!

Kayla & Chad

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